Fighting to Freedom

Welcome, my name is Rita Lawrence and I am GRATEFUL you stopped by.  I am a Mother of 3, Long Time Wife of one (for the 3rd time, yes, I've learned some things) and have an eye for focusing on Strengths in life.

After years of fighting chronic pain, traumatic childhood loss and a list of diagnosis' like Infertility, Fibromyalgia and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome I finally Woke Up.  My Divine Calling as a MOM led me to seek help and FREEDOM despite the struggles.  We do not teach with words but with the example we live in our everyday LIFE.

The biggest SUCCESS of all is finding the OPPORTUNITY to be a Full Time Family.  As a MILITARY Family we were seeking to supplement our income and continue travels during RETIREMENT.  We are blessed to be doing this as well as allow our children to LEARN through real life experiences and travels.

Grateful for the valuable community of Coaches, Mentors, Family, Friends and God Within we have along this journey.

Support Systems

On this journey I made a decision to detox from opiods, chemicals, food additives, allergens, negativity, limited perceptions, etc.  The goal is recovery and healing of all things not serving health and well being.  Though I was disabled and not able to work out, I still managed to loose 40 pounds of body fat and WIN multiple Masters Bikini Fitness Competitions, that means Age 40+, including The OCB Colonnial Open!  Through that journey I also deposited thousands of dollars in cash simply by doing what I LOVE.

My family now advocates for Full Time Families and recovery healing through natural "medicine" and Plant Based Solutions including Cannabis, Medical Marijuana and Hemp CBD.  


Feel better and grow income from the comfort of your home, a DREAM Come True for so many.  Create more family memories and even travel the world if you DREAM BIG like we do!

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Your Journey

Come as you are.  We'll meet you right here.  We believe there are NO LIMITS in what you can achieve. 

Learn daily practices and reframe your pain into powerful perceptions.  Shift paradigms to propel you into your Divine Life Plan. 

Are you ready for your journey to FREEDOM?

Will you write your VICTORY story?